The application of agricultural non-woven fabrics

1. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are mainly used in vegetable flower running, weed prevention and weeding, rice seedling raising, dust and dust suppression, slope protection, pest control, grass planting, lawn greening, sunshade and sun protection, and cold protection of seedlings. The main function of non-woven fabrics is to prevent cold, heat preservation, dust and environmental protection. […]

What is the use of Non-woven Fabrics?

Compared with other textile fabrics, non-woven fabrics have the advantages of short process flow, high productivity, high output and low cost. Therefore, non-woven fabrics are widely used, and their products can be seen everywhere, which can be said to be closely related to our daily life. Many disposable hygiene products used in our daily life […]

SMS Nonwoven Fabric

What is SMS Nonwoven fabric? SMS non-woven fabric is made of three layers of spunbond non-woven fabric + melt-blown non-woven fabric + spun-bonded non-woven fabric by hot rolling. It is a composite non-woven fabric. It is a composite product of spunbond and melt-blown.  SMS production process Add 3%-7% masterbatch in SMS non-woven spinning production; preparation […]

Medical Non-woven Fabric

Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial and chemical resistance. Medical non-woven fabrics are widely used in the production of surgical masks, surgical caps, disposable surgical gowns, disposable medical sheets, maternal bags, diapers and so on. They belong to new environmental protection materials.As disposable products, medical non-woven fabric is not only convenient to […]

Congratulation Laifen non-woven co., Ltd. is certified ……

Congratulation Laifen non-woven co., Ltd. is certified as zibo Gazelle enterprise. Gazelle enterprises refer to innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises that cross death Valley and enter high-speed growth stage.This marks a new step for the company Hope all the staff of Laifen free from arrogance and rashness, go all out to pay attention to the quality and diversification of products, occupy a larger industry market!

Congratulations to the company for obtaining……

Congratulations to the company for obtaining the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise certified by the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and technology and Shandong Science and Technology Department! Scientific research and innovation are the driving force behind the company’s development. The smooth passing of the technology certification will help enhance the […]