The application of agricultural non-woven fabrics

1. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are mainly used in vegetable flower running, weed prevention and weeding, rice seedling raising, dust and dust suppression, slope protection, pest control, grass planting, lawn greening, sunshade and sun protection, and cold protection of seedlings. The main function of non-woven fabrics is to prevent cold, heat preservation, dust and environmental protection. It has the characteristics of gentle temperature change, small temperature difference between day and night, no need to ventilate seedlings, reduce watering times, save time and labor. 

2.Agricultural non-woven fabrics play a very good role in heat preservation in vegetable greenhouse cultivation, especially when the temperature drops and frosts, farmers and friends will purchase a batch of non-woven fabrics to cover the vegetables, which plays a very good role in heat preservation. It will not freeze the vegetables, and the results of one season have been well guaranteed. 

3.The non-woven fabric is corrosion-resistant, with polypropylene or polyester as the main chemical fiber raw material, acid and alkali resistance, non-corrosion, and non-worm-eaten. The non-woven fabric has high strength, is not easy to deform, can effectively prevent penetration, and can maintain its original characteristics for a long time. The non-woven fabric has good water permeability, good water permeability, light weight, convenient construction, and the mesh is not easy to block, etc., and is deeply loved by farmers and friends.

4.Non-woven fabrics are degradable. In outdoor sunlight, the natural weathering time is about 90 days. If they are placed indoors and stored in a dark warehouse, they can be stored for 5 years. Therefore, when using non-woven fabrics At the same time, the storage method must be controlled well, so as not to cause a lot of losses due to improper storage.

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