Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

The meltblown nonwoven is a kind of super-fine fiber non-woven fabric produced with imported melt-blowing die-head and special raw materials and processes. The product is not only as fluffy and soft as common melt-blown products and can absorb oil and filter, but also increases the filtering efficiency of bacteria, reduces breathing resistance, so it is more suitable for fields of work like medical treatment and dusty operations and can satisfy the demand for an effective filter of bacteria and dusts.

Product Parameter

Product Name

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

Material :

100% polypropylene




175mm/260mm and customized

Design :

Diamond(Dot), Sesamoid

Flow Rate

32.0L/ Min., 85.0L/Min., 95.0L/Min.

Filtration Efficiency

BFE 85% to 99.9%, PFE:85 to 99.9%


Packed in rolls,with 2″ or 3″ paper tube inside, poly bags outside and shrink film, loaded

by 20GP or 40 HC


Better adsorption effect on viruses, bacteria and particulate matter in the air than ordinary melt-blown non woven, effectively block the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the air, and have better protection performance.


Product Application

Daily Protective Facemask Materials(PFE99、KN90、KN95、N95、N99),Surgical Face mask Materials

Product Video

Packing& Loading

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